Allys clients include
Chase Inventory Management
(2013- 2015)
Red Marketing Group
(2014 - 2015)
Elite Development Group
(2016 - present)
When hired for Strategy development consulting, Ally focuses on brand management, including competitive positioning, and the impact that marketing mix and resource allocation have on sales and profits.
As products and services become more difficult to differentiate, branding that cultivates a strong, trusted image can help build a larger, more loyal customer base. Her approach to brand management, marketing mix, and resource allocation increases revenue growth rates for the clients. Instead of working only with the top brass of the company, she instead starts by analyzing the company from the bottom to top.
Ally starts by mapping the market share and profit position of the client's brands relative to its competitors first, then helping clients apply that information to manage brand portfolios, from the development of strategy to tactical allocation of resources. When properly managed, a powerful brand name, coupled with effective consumer and trade marketing, can be a formidable competitive weapon.