Board Member (2015-Present)
Board member of the largest Small Business Marketing Portal, assisting small and medium sized businesses with all their marketing needs, from local marketing analyses and distribution to online coverage and maintenance of their social media presence.

Provide Strategic Thought and Marketing Planning

  • Directs the preparation and oversees the annual marketing planning and budgeting process for the company.
  • Supports marketing planning and budgeting for new business opportunities and enterprises.
  • Coordinates with the executive committee and unit directors on implementing all appropriate elements of companywide and unit marketing activities, as required.
  • Directs and evaluates customer research, competitive intelligence, and other marketing research as needed to develop and support marketing and sales activities as well as opportunity development.
  • Prepares and presents regular reports for the executive committee and board of directors.
  • Attends and actively participates at board of director meetings.
  • Participates in the development of the company’s strategic and business plans and supports implementation of strategic and business plan initiatives.
  • Directs the process of event planning for internal and external functions related to business development, manager training and in support of client events.
  • Collaborates with other corporate division directors in support of executive committee strategic activities.

Manages Marketing Budget

  • Reviews and monitors the marketing division’s financial management, specifically focusing on managing expenses to the budget while maximizing the value of expenditures to the company.
  • Reviews units’ marketing spending on a regular basis.
  • Reviews and assesses the progress of specific marketing initiatives on an ongoing basis and directs changes to achieve positive results.

Supports Business Development

  • Coordinates marketing and sales activities to maintain alignment and maximize value of support.
  • Directs the company’s proposal process, including participation as needed in planning and presentation sessions.
  • Directs marketing division efforts to develop specific and ongoing major client maintenance and support activities, working with project managers throughout the company.
  • As needed, coaches managers in developing and conducting prospective client meetings, presentations, etc.
  • Oversees tracking of analytics.

Manages MarketingDivision Operations

  • Manages Marketing Division Operations Directs and presides over ongoing marketing division meetings and communications with marketing division staff members.
  • Directs and coordinates the assignment of marketing programs and projects as required to support company and unit marketing plans.
  • Directs marketing communications activities through marketing staff, including direct mail, brochures, social media, advertising, trade shows, corporate web site, client events and public relations efforts. Utilizes prior input as well as ongoing feedback from stakeholders.
  • Plans, designs and implements marketing training seminars for project managers as needed.
  • Sources and manages use of marketing and communications consultants, designers, and agencies as needed.
  • Drives QA/QC across all marketing communications.
  • Oversees tracking of analytics.
  • Meets all administrative requirements and requests established by the firm on the dates specified (e.g., timesheet authorization, invoice preparation and submission, salary bonus recommendations, report submission, etc.)

Supports CorporateCommunications

  • Works with executive committee and corporate division directors to help plan and support development and implementation of high-impact corporate communications.
  • Works with subject matter experts to support content development, messaging, best use of communications vehicles, research of best practices for high level readership, and effective scheduling.
  • Utilizes prior input as well as ongoing feedback from stakeholders.
  • Drives QA/QC across all corporate communications.
  • Manages communications-related budgets as necessary.
  • Oversees tracking of analytics.

Supports Executive Committee Activities and Company wide Initiatives

  • As requested, works with Executive Committee to strategize best approach to new and existing activities and initiatives. Utilizes prior input as well as ongoing feedback from stakeholders.
  • Supports activity plan development and implementation, helping develop action items, budgets, communication plans, etc.
  • Drives QA/QC across all EC activities and company wide initiatives.
  • Manages activity and initiative related budgets as necessary.
  • Oversees tracking of analytics.

Human Resources

  • Directs and coordinates annual planning for marketing division staffing requirements.
  • Directs the hiring, training, professional development, and management of all marketing division staff.
  • Oversees performance review process for all staff in the marketing division, including recommendation process regarding compensation levels and adjustments for marketing division staff.
  • Directs all actions relating to staff promotions, transfers, disciplinary measures, and terminations.
  • Handles day-to-day human resources management for the marketing division.
  • Interprets and implements all company human resources policies and procedures, ensuring consistency of application.