A fast-growing reality series that shines a spotlight on developing small businesses as we take on eager clients and give their companies an identity facelift. The show follows our team of designers and social media specialists as they create new logos, websites, and marketing strategies, all at no cost to the client. Not only do we provide a behind the scenes look at what it takes to build a successful brand, but growing companies get a free rebranding along with exposure to a wide audience all at once.
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  • Reviews applicants and determines which clients would best benefit from key services:
    • - Reputation Management
    • - Social Media Management
  • Directs targeted assessment of clients’ needs and begins plan for improvement utilizing:
    • - Virtual Assistant Services
    • - Direct Mailing
  • Oversees team as they develop assets and campaigns for clients, including:
    • - Website Recreation
    • - Mobile Optimization
    • - Local Search Placement